16 January 2011


Mom and Dad decided to put Jack down today.

It sounded like he'd fallen a day or two before and was unable to get up. I've had a hard few hours mourning and remembering him. And in doing so I'm humbled by God's providence in how he's blessed us with the perfect dog for the season of life we were in. Jack was an excellent dog. He'll be greatly missed.

It's an honor to take these animals into our homes and into our lives as faithful companions.

15 December 2009

ride em cuz

Kanin Asay won bull riding at the National Final Rodeo! I have to admit, i don't know him hardly at all. he's a second cousin or something, and i really only remember him as a little guy at church. but i'm proud of him none the less. it's pretty awesome to see someone from my home town doing so well.

Kanin's article in the Powell Tribune

18 November 2009

Rocket Playing Stairball on YouTube

I just added a video to YouTube of rocket playing "stairball" and i thought it would auto-post over here, but it doesn't look like it worked.

29 October 2009

there's a new site in town

phew, i'm glad i'm getting one more post in this year. that way i can maintain my once every six months average. anyway, there's a new site in town. Levi and Jennissa has been rebuilt. it's back to iweb for us, hopefully it'll make it easier to keep up to date. go go have a look. there are new pictures and videos. and i'll try to keep it updated once a month . . . yeah right.


19 January 2009

back to the pool

hey, guess who finally found his way back to the pool! i started swimming again, and it feels so good. it's familiar like an old friend. but it's strange being so old and slow.

23 July 2008

Summer is a good thing

Summer is so much fun. Especially when you get to watch your garden grow. so we must say a huge thank you to my parents for giving us the seeds and helping us put it in.


Spiders are the DEVIL!

spiders and stingrays must be evil twins.


19 July 2008

We're NOT Dead

we're not dead. the studio has just taken over our lives. it's starting to look good though. i will hopefully have some new videos to post soon. it's just hard to make time for the stuff that doesn't make money.

11 June 2008

The Studio

as most of you probably know, we've just opened the dance studio. it's taking every last second of our day. so obviously there won't be a whole lot of activity on the LNJ site for a while. however, you can check out The Studio website to see what we're up to. and hopefully it will calm down and i can do some fun stuff for LNJ.

05 March 2008

New Zealand Highlights

New Zealand is great. Go check out the video. Then you can go look for tickets.


04 March 2008

Rig Tour

I worked two summers on an oil rig. have a look.


17 February 2008

Big Wednesday - Rediscovered Article

so i just googled my name to see what came up, and found an article from the Daily Breeze after Big Wednesday. which was just a few days before Christmas in 2005. there had been several huge northern storms that had pounded the coast for nearly a month strait. we were all pretty well surfed out when it happened. it was that once in a decade combining of several storms that pushed the surf from the normal 3-5 ft. to the 15+ range. HUGE. i was so sick and should definitely not have been in the water, but i knew it was one of the few times in my life i'd have a chance to ride triple overhead surf. so here's a picture and the article.

Towering waves pound South Bay's coastline
New, 3:30 p.m. Driven by storms, breakers rise up to 20 feet. Some surfers are rescued but others call it a day they have waited for.

By Larry Altman
Daily Breeze 12/24/2005

Seventeen-year-old Dylan Thomas watched the ferocious waves at Redondo Beach for 2 1/2 hours today before he collected enough strength to venture into the water.

"Oh my God," he said with a big smile. "It's ridiculous out there!"

Thomas was among a dozen or so young surfers brave enough to weather a battering of 10-to-20-foot waves lashing the coast near the Redondo Beach jetty, some of the biggest seen in the South Bay in years.

Jeff Vincent, 24, of Redondo Beach, called it the day surfers had been waiting for.

"The moment you are on the top of the wave, when you are stuck up there, you get so giddy -- until you get blasted and dragged under," he said, adding, "Itˆs worth getting blasted."

Weather forecasters predicted the mighty display of Mother Nature will continue Thursday, although not quite as potent as today's.

The waves were triggered by a series of strong storms moving from the central Pacific Ocean to the Pacific Northwest, said Ken Clark, a meteorologist for AccuWeather Inc.

The waves likely peaked at midday today, resulting in a number of minor injuries, a series of rescues, and flooding. Police closed the Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach piers, but neither appeared to have suffered damage.

Police also closed the bike path at 45th Street in Manhattan Beach and the parking area at Grand Avenue in El Segundo because of flooding.

South Bay lifeguards rescued a surfer who lost his board off Rocky Point Road in Rancho Palos Verdes and couldn't return to shore himself. Three surfers encountered trouble in the 2800 block of Paseo del Mar in Palos Verdes Estates, but managed to make it safely ashore without assistance, county Lifeguard Capt. Mike Cunningham said.

Three surfers encountered trouble off the 2800 block of Paseo del Mar in Palos Verdes Estates, but managed to make it safely ashore without assistance, county Lifeguard Capt. Mike Cunningham said.

In Hermosa Beach, a Boogie Boarder twisted his knee near Avenue H, and in San Pedro, lifeguards used a Jet Ski to rescue a surfer unable to return to the beach.

At El Porto, firefighters treated five people hit by a wave as they walked on the bike path. One woman who possibly broke her ankle was taken to a hospital, firefighters said.

In other areas, waves crashed near beachfront homes in Malibu, damaged the pier in Venice and pushed small boats ashore near Marina del Rey.

Orange County officials also closed their piers. In Seal Beach, a surfer broke a leg.

"It's very dangerous," Cunningham said. "High surf, very strong rip currents, and there's a lot of current moving around. It's for experts only the next couple of days."

Despite the dangers, dozens of surfers rode the rough surf off San Pedro, the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Porto and El Segundo.

"It's like a washing machine," said Matt Meistrell, 23, of Redondo Beach after riding the waves and foam near the Redondo Beach breakwall.

Just paddling out was taxing enough, surfers said. Police disallowed anyone from walking onto the breakwall to jump in.

Levi Asay, 26, of Torrance said he was confident in his abilities as he pulled on his wet suit. His wife of three months, Jennissa, carried a camera.

"I'm here to take pictures and scream at the lifeguards if necessary," she said.

After an hour in the water, Asay said he was lucky to be alive.

"I only caught one wave, but man oh man, one was all I needed," he said. "I paddled back out and on the way got caught by a freak set and my leash broke. I struggled back in, which was about all I could do just to survive."

Asay said his new bride was pleased to see him return.

"She was very happy I came back in one piece," he said.

Beachgoers also stood on the sand, amazed at the ocean's wrath. "Whoa!" was the most common word heard as the breakers pounded the shore.

"This is Mother Nature," said Bert Collins of Redondo Beach. "I love it."

14 January 2008

Most Fabulous 80's Party

the 80's were so dumb. so this is REAL proof how much i love my wife. we had an 80's party. and i even let her dress me up. she loved it.


09 January 2008

The Return To Snow

over Christmas break we went skiing/snowboarding with jennissa's dad. it was really strange to realize that i hadn't been on my board for five years. so strange the way life ebbs and flows sometimes, and you didn't notice.


Jennissa Turns 2010

happy birthday to jennissa, happy birthday to jennissa